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What Is A TriCaster Broadcast

Nowaways, video streaming means serious business. For on-the-fly editing, you need a powerful machine for recording and streaming on the Internet or your own TV station.

The vMix

The question is a little bit tricky, but you can think of it as a combination of hardware and software that will help you edit videos in real-time. To record live shows or events, for instance, you need more than just editing software on your machine. You also need powerful processing features to deliver the best possible results every time you hit your record button.

This is where a vMix Machine comes in. It’s a heavy-duty computer for running several processes at once and delivering the highest quality recordings as fast as possible. There are other programs that you could use, such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Pinnacle Studio, to edit video on your own, but these only work if you have the right hardware.

vMix is a professional video editing program that can run on several systems, but it works best with an actual vMix machine. If you want to deliver high-quality recordings on your own TV station or record live shows for later distribution on YouTube, then this is what you need to invest in.

How Does a vMix Machine Work?

What goes into a vMix machine? The first thing you need to consider is the central processing unit. This is basically your computer’s brain. If you want to edit videos on the Internet, then you don’t necessarily need an extremely powerful CPU. You can go with something basic to get started and test out if vMix is the right editing software for you. If it is, then you can upgrade your CPU and start recording live shows or events.

The next pieces of hardware that help vMix work better are the video cards and sound boards. These even out any problems with your machine and keep everything running as smooth as possible all the time. Both of these are important when it comes to editing live recordings, especially if you want them to look polished when they’re outputted onto your TV station.

How Much Does a vMix Machine Cost?

vMix software is free for testing purposes, but there’s also an option for upgrading to the professional version. If you plan on running this program regularly, then it’s best to go with the professional version. It will cost you a little more but it will deliver better results and help you create videos that look as polished as possible on any screen.

The other pieces of hardware that you need for this process are also fairly affordable, especially if you have already invested in a computer for running vMix software. 

That’s all for today. If you want to know about the vMix software in detail, check out their website. Thanks for reading!