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What Is The Best Software For Live Video Streaming

TriCaster is broadcast equipment designed for production managers, designers, and directors that use multiple cameras to broadcast events. Each location may have more than one camera that provides viewers with different angles of the event or program being recorded. A number of different media formats are available on demand using this technology making it easy for you to share your story.

The TriCaster is a complete, multi-camera video production system designed specifically for professional live production. The system captures, composites and streams multiple media sources together into one regular or HD/SD multi-format output–with no down time during changeover between different types of incoming signals. No other switcher on the market today comes close to its combination of capabilities and price.

Multi-camera production is more than just taping the same event from multiple camera angles. The TriCaster’s Cybrid Virtual Set technology enables professional designers to create interesting live set designs that look fantastic, move fluidly and update instantly – with no need for expensive hardware or laborious rendering times.

The TriCaster is a complete production solution for live productions. It can be used in a conference room, studio or on location with the same flexibility and reliability that only NewTek products bring to live events around the world. The TriCaster also makes it easy to produce great-looking streams from your productions so you can share your events with others.

The TriCaster’s ease of use allows anyone to produce live, high quality video content quickly and easily, allowing you to focus on your story, not the technology. This makes it an ideal platform for corporate training videos, product promotions, community events and more – as well as enabling you to deliver live streams from locations where traditional live production is not cost-effective or even possible.

The TriCaster includes a built-in web server so you can begin live production right away with nothing else to buy, register or configure. The TriCaster’s mobile companion apps for the iPad and Android tablets also provide complete control over program output – enabling you to monitor and control your TriCaster from anywhere – plus a more exciting way for you and your audience to experience the show.

The TriCaster has been designed from the ground up as a network-based production switcher so it’s ready to take advantage of today’s industry-standard IP networks, all without any special hardware or messy protocols. The TriCaster’s proprietary NewTek Connect Pro technology is designed to work with the rest of the industry, allowing you to integrate all types of devices and sources without having to worry about protocols, unions or other integration issues.

The TriCaster offers a complete selection of professional audio features like mixing and routing, along with advanced audio plug-ins for EQ, dynamics, gating and more. It’s also fully compatible with any industry-standard audio codec so it can be integrated into existing production pipelines without issue – including third-party hardware devices like sound boards using SMPTE ST 2110 protocols.

The TriCaster offers extensive social integration that enables live streaming to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more in addition to NewTek’s own NDI-enabled TriCaster Channel. Built-in cloud publishing tools make it easy for you to quickly share your content online with viewers around the world, while the TriCaster also supports direct recording of programs for publication to video websites or portable storage devices.

The TriCaster has been developed with a fully modular design, offering the option to expand as your production needs grow. Any combination of input, output or live production modules can be combined into a single unit for smaller productions, then easily expanded as needed using any combination of TriCaster 8000 modules – on one system or across multiple systems.

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