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Whats the best quality for your live stream?

Quality of your webcast

We are vMix experts!

Vmix is a powerful software when coupled with the right hardware. The software was written to be able to handle all kinds of production needs. Untalizing the correct hardware is imperative to getting good results for your event. For example, Vmix technically can support 1000 cameras. Not that your production would even come close to that. You need the right capture cards, and if you’re going to iso (Isolated each Camera) record you need the space and multiple SSD drives to able to write all that data simultaneously.

Simultaneous streaming, recording, and output of live video are are just some of the capabilities of vMix. vMix suports NDI, SRT and a variety of other signals. Leveraging additional hardware encoders we have created high quality remote video productions. We send out remote video kits that encode and send back the remote video signal to our studio with about a second of delay. This alows for remote contributors or contect to be untilized in productions happening anywhere.