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Stream Quality

Whats the best quality for your live stream?

Quality of your webcast

There are have options when it come to the stream quality. From 360p resolution all the way up to 4k. The first thing to take under consideration is who is watching your content and on what device? If your audience in consuming the webcast on a cell phone there’s no need to stream at 1080P. If you have a mixed audience (cell phone and large tv’s), watching the live stream then a multi bit rate or adaptive bit rate may be the right solution. This allows the player to do a speed test and send the best quality stream to the device that your local bandwidth can support.

We have the capabilities to send out multiple stream simultaneously. Whether it be to multiple CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) such as YouTube, Facebook or even to the Zoom Palatiform. The quality sometimes depends on the CDN’s limitations. Zoom is typically limited to 720P, YouTube can accommodate all the way up to a 4k signal.

What’s the best quality you can achieve while still having a stable broadcast? Stability and reliability is always the first goal over a higher resolution video. Expectations of a certain quality level is understood, However it’s more important that buffering, choppy video doesn’t impede the ability to watch it continuously..
Testing the connection will help determine the delicate balance between quality and stability. During these tests we can tweak the encoding settings until we achieve the best settings for your event .