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Multi Camera Production


Multicamera Replay

Multi camera sports recording:
Multi Camera or ISO recording is a great feature that records all the cameras individually and synced together. Typically a single SSD drive is good for two 1080p cameras. If you are doing sports it may need to be at 60 FPS to ensure a smoother playback for slow motion replay. This is particularly useful when someone scores or a notable event occurs. Because we are capturing the cameras from all angles we can replay in slow motion the different perspectives.

We also have the technical capabilities to advance the video frame by frame, 25% 50% etc.
We’ve created unique workflows that allow the talent to easily control replay of footage with the click of a button. This simplified use of multicamera replay has been very effective in allowing commentators to analyze footage in real-time at their desired speed. This technology coupled with a telestrator for the ability to draw over the slow motion play back footage has proven to be invaluable.