A re you looking for a unique way to attract people to your trade show booth, how will you get them interested in your services or products? Trade shows are an exciting way to showcase your services and connect with new clientele, but they can also be extremely loud and crowded. You need a way to attract attention to your booth in a professional way. Your trade show may last a few days but the content we create during your show will live well after the last trunk is packed.

Attracts an Audience

Trade shows are packed with people, so you need a way to entice those who might otherwise walk past without a glance. Lights and cameras are like a magnet, people get drawn in to see what’s going on. Live product demonstrations or a series of interviews are great platforms to educate the audience about your product or services.

Live Stream – Webcast

Streaming live to the web helps you reach an audience that might have been impossible otherwise. Debuting a new product at the show? Let the world see! We give you the code to embed a live video player on your website, partners websites, Facebook and Twitter. This webcast can also be viewed on most mobile devices, archived and edited for Video On Demand Content such as Youtube or Vimeo.

Boosts Your Credibility

Having industry experts interviewed at your booth leaves your viewers with a positive impression. This can give your consumers much more confidence in your company. This boost of credibility may be all you need to attract a few new clients.

Entertains and Informs

Most trade show booths or exhibits have the same elements. Stand Out!  Having the live element and creates and energy and excitement to your booth. Film your exhibit and using that footage for marketing and advertising, in your portfolio, or as a website supplement.

Content Lives On

After your show is over all we can edit and optimize your footage. We create small segments that are uploaded to YouTube and other hosting sites. We can increase the liklyhood of your video being part of the google search results when people look for your product or service.

MultiMedia Communications, is fully equipped to create a polished, professional trade show video loop for your next exhibit or conference booth. We also offer a range of corporate and conference video production packages to handle all of your film production and video marketing needs. For a free, no-obligation consultation, call MMC at 480-422-1645.