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The Streamstar WEBCAST CASE is a portable, full featured, live HD/SD webcast production tool. It offers the highest quality, extreme performance, minimal weight and the easiest operation in a compact, lightweight package. Equipped with carefully selected highest quality components and a built-in touch screen display it is fine-tuned for extreme performance and the easiest operation. An ideal system that perfectly suits the needs of webcasting professionals. No extra gear needed! Plug in the cameras and you’re ready to go.

For sports webcasters it offers a custom timing and game info management application for all major sports.

Full featured WEBCAST production software
Cut/Crossfade/Transitions switching modes
Instant replays with Slow/Fast motion playback
Replays In/Out animations
Graphic overlays and Inserts
PIP and Split Screen layouts
Video clips and complex playlists playback
External signal capture over DVI with keying
Built-in Streamstar Encoder
Direct streaming to Internet and mobile devices
Popular streaming platforms integration
HD recording of the production while streaming
2nd display multiview grid
HDMI video out
multi system PAL / NTSC
Full blown audio mixer
High-end desktop performance in a compact all-in-one system
Built-in high resolution, touch-screen HD display
Briefcase-sized compact package for easy transport
Full access to all internal components for easy service and upgrades
Weight: 8kg