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Multi-Media Communications, LLC

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Multi-Media Communications
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Since 1974 MMC has been staying on top of the most cutting edge technology. We provided a wide range of creative services from live streaming, digital signage and content distribution.

Livestream Studio HD51 Now Shipping!

Livestream Studio HD51 is an all-in-one live production switcher from the makers of the world’s leading live video platform. Connect up to 5 HDMI cameras or professional HD-SDI cameras, ISO Record, Stream Live and more!

  • LiveStream Studio HD51
  • Streamstar

"MMC has been an excellent supplier of services and support for us
- we are very well serviced."
Jamie, Rogers Media Television

TriCaster 855
TriCaster 855 is a complete, integrated solution for pros delivering big, live productions in native, full-resolution HD.
Content Distribution
So many platforms… MMC is your solution!
Digital Signage
We are experts in Digital Signage Solutions